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Yup, They’re New To The Credit Card Business

, , , | Right | CREDIT: ChemistryReasonable1 | June 7, 2021

I work for a bank. I am dealing with a new customer who opened a credit card only two weeks ago. She immediately tried to make a purchase for a few thousand dollars and got declined because it was high-risk and she had no spending history. That’s not unusual, and it’s an easy fix, usually. Someone called in regarding her account and was super fishy — marked as a suspicious caller — and couldn’t pass basic security — not hard if you are who you say you are.

We put the account under review for a few hours. The customer didn’t answer any notifications.

Today, she calls me to ask why she’s getting declined. She breezes through security. I explain that, as a new card member in a health crisis — lots of fraud — during the holiday season — even more fraud — that it is normal to experience declines until she develops a spending pattern — about one month — and give her the direct number to my department to speed up the process.

She then inquires if her husband can call in on the account. I explain that he’s not on the account, so no. Cue muffled whispering, “Well, we should get our rewards points that we didn’t get because we got declined.”

No, you don’t get points for not being able to pass your own security. Turns out it was her husband that called in, not her, which is why they failed security. Don’t lie; we can smell bulls*** a mile away.

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