Yule Regret That

, , , | Right | December 23, 2018

(I am working around Christmas time, just minding my own business, when a lady comes in that used to be friends with my family. For a while, my family and I had gone to the same church as this woman, but it’s been a long time since I went to church. After the transaction is over and she’s leaving, I cheerfully wish her a “Happy holidays!” after which she all but runs over to me.)

Lady: *whispering conspiratorially* “Honey, I know that they make you say that, but you can say the real holiday to me. You don’t have to be all PC.”

Me: “You know, you’re right.”

Lady: *visibly brightens* “Merry Christmas!”

Me: “Have a happy Yule and a merry Winter Solstice.”

(All of a sudden, she made a you-betrayed-me face and ran away. Guess she forgot there’s more than one “real” holiday this time of year, including the pagan ones.)

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