You’ve Met Batwoman

, , , | Right | March 30, 2018

(I’m working the evening shift when an older lady comes into the store and up to my work station.)

Customer: “Hi, do you have a box I can borrow? There is a bat outside on the ground, and I would like to take it to a vet.”

Me: “Of course. Here you go.”

(About ten minutes pass when the same lady comes into the store again with the now-closed box in her shopping cart.)

Customer: *looks at me and then at the box* “Oh, don’t worry. He’s safe in the box. He was just a little cold out there on the ground, but I got him now.”

Me: *too dumbfounded to say anything else* “Okay, let us know if you need anything.” *over the headsets* “Yeah, [Coworker], there’s a lady in the store with a live bat in a box.”

(My coworker then helped her get what she needed and sent her on her way as if nothing happened.)

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