You’ve Got Zero Ground To Mock Ground Zero

| NJ, USA | Right | December 8, 2016

(I worked at my parent’s local general store when I was young, around 15. Note: Our parents are some of those who responded to 9/11 and all of us lost family members, like my aunt. It’s a very personal topic. The following takes place at our little 9/11 memorial shelf, which I’m restocking.)

Customer: “Why are they making such a big deal out of 9/11? It’s not like it happened here!”

Me: “Ma’am, our parents are ones who responded to 9/11… We only live an hour or two away from New York!”

Customer: “Oh, sweetie, 9/11 was nothing! The government makes a big deal out of everything!”

(Having not had to deal with bad customers since, I’m not used to this b**** and begin to tear up.)

Me: “Ma’am, my auntie was killed being on the thirtieth floor when the first plane flew in. My father, just two aisles away, was a responder only thirty minutes after it happened and saved three people, with my mother and me, at one year old, worrying at home! My best friend lost his big sister! Please, if you’re going to disrespect our country, leave!”

(She turned white-faced and went to leave, but was stopped by my muscular dad who threatened to call the cops. We haven’t seen her or her out-of-state car again!)

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