You’ve Got To Face It Eventually

, , , | Learning | July 26, 2019

(I am an American working as a foreign English teacher in China. I have high-functioning Autism and it causes me to be face-blind. This evening, I am in our kitchen cooking some treats with a class of five- to six-year-old boys while their regular teacher has a progress meeting with their parents. Towards the end of the hour, the teacher comes to visit us. It is then I notice something about two of the boys.)

Me: “Wait… Why are these two boys wearing the same clothes? Are they identical twins?”

Teacher: “Yeah, you didn’t notice?”

Me: “No. I’m face-blind, remember?”

Teacher: “Oh, yeah.” *points to two other boys* “They’re identical twins, too.”

Me: “Seriously?!”

(Yep, I went through a full hour of class with eight boys without realizing that I had two sets of identical twins.)

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