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You’ve Got To Be As Rich As The Queen To Go To England

, , , | Right | January 4, 2019

(I’m ringing up a customer who has been relatively rude to us most of the time she’s been in the store, doing things like asking us questions then interrupting with her own “answers” and walking away. She’s just generally not fun to deal with.)

Customer: “That’s a nice shirt you have on there, too. Is that from here? I didn’t see it.”

Me: “Oh, no, I didn’t buy it here.”

Customer: “Then where is it from?”

Me: “I bought it while I was in England this summer.”

Customer: “England?!”

Me: “Yeah, my sister was studying there for the summer so my parents and I went to visit her.”

Customer: “Are you rich?!”

(I had no idea how to answer her question and just kind of laughed it off. Lady, I work in retail, making $9 an hour, dealing with people like you all day. Does that answer your question?)