You’ve Failed If You Say “69” This Many Times And No One’s Smiling

, , , , | Right | November 5, 2019

(I work in a hotel.)

Me: “Your total comes to $106.69, sir.”

(A guest pulls out a one-inch-thick stack of bills and peels off five twenties, a five, and a one, and hands them to me.)

Me: “That’ll be sixty-nine cents, sir.”

Guest: “I don’t have sixty-nine cents. Just give me the room for $106.”

Me: “I’m afraid the price of the room is $106.69, sir. I need the rest of the money before I can check you in.”

Guest: “Are you serious? I don’t have sixty-nine cents! I come here all the time, and you guys won’t cut me a break for sixty-nine cents? This is ridiculous!”

Me: “Seriously? You just showed me a stack of bills the size of my entire paycheck. I know you’ve got the money; don’t even try to tell me you don’t.”

Coworker: “You know, if you hadn’t flashed all that money, maybe he’d have let it slide…”

(The guest then pulled out the same giant wad of money and tossed a single at me.)

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