You’ve Crumbled Your Own Cookie

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(I’ve just started in an office where everyone puts in $2 a week to cover tea and coffee supplies, and whatever is left at the end of the year goes towards a Christmas party. Since I don’t drink tea or coffee, but occasionally a certain brand of hot chocolate, I buy the hot chocolate sachets and just use the milk and sugar while paying my $2 even though I sometimes don’t even use them. As the sachets are expensive, I keep them in my drawer in my desk. The lady who organizes the supplies doesn’t notice this until this happens. A coworker is pregnant and can’t handle tea or coffee.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], I have [Brand #1] honeycomb hot chocolate and little marshmallows. I even have [Brand #2] chocolate chip cookies. Want some?”

Pregnant Coworker: *eyes light up* “Oh, yes, please! [Brand #1] hot chocolate and [Brand #2] cookies are amazing, but so expensive. You sure?”

Me: “Not a problem. How many sugars?”

(After getting her order, I take just enough of my supplies with me to make two cups. The coworker who organizes the supplies see me.)

Coffee Coworker: “Ooh, hot chocolate.”

(She grabs a sachet, opens it, and dumps it into her cup. I’m shocked, as she clearly knows that I’ve bought these myself, and doesn’t even ask or say thank you.)

Me: “Just for next time, I buy these as I don’t like tea or coffee. They’re not for everyone.”

Coffee Coworker: “But all tea and coffee supplies are for everyone, as long as you pay your money.”

Me: “I get that, but a box of these is [price roughly the same for ten sachets as a jar of cheap instant coffee she buys]. I buy them for myself. I’m only making two now because [Pregnant Coworker] wants one. I can’t afford to supply the whole office.”

Coffee Coworker: “Fine. God, it won’t happen again.”

(She spots my cookies and grabs a huge handful, even though she doesn’t supply biscuits, leaving just two cookies, and goes back to her desk. I make another cup for myself, and from then on I only take exactly what I need to make a cup for myself. One day the coffee coworker comes and stands near my desk, talking to my pregnant coworker.)

Coffee Coworker: “God, it’s so cold. I’d really love a hot chocolate right about now.”

(Seeing as she doesn’t get any reaction from me, she says even louder:)

Coffee Coworker: “Mmm… A nice hot chocolate with some chocolate chip cookies would be really good right now.”

(I keep ignoring her, but my now heavily-pregnant coworker has had enough.)

Pregnant Coworker: “If you hadn’t been such a b**** and just taken it before, maybe you could have had one.”

(The coffee coworker went bright red and walked back to her desk in a huff.)

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