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You’ve Been Super Helpful, Thanks

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Every three months, I have to see my doctor to get medication refilled or have blood work done. For one of my recent appointments, I got a call the day before confirming my appointment for 8:30 am the next day. Turns out, the receptionist screwed up.

Me: “Hi. I have an appointment for [My Name] at 8:30?”

The receptionist looked up my name.

Receptionist: “Sorry, I don’t see you. Are you sure it’s today?”

Me: “At all? I’m almost 100% positive it’s today.”

Receptionist: “Nope, it says here that it’s for tomorrow at 8:00 am.”

Me: *Confused and slightly irritated* “You called to confirm the date yesterday.”

Receptionist: “Look, [Doctor] doesn’t work on Mondays. I can’t help.” *Continues typing* “Come back tomorrow.”

Me: *Thinking* “You scheduled an appointment for me on a day that my doctor never works, rescheduled it, didn’t bother to inform me, confirmed the night before that it’s today, and think any of that makes sense?”

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