You’ve Been Reported

| UK | Working | March 24, 2017

(I create a report for my manager every week covering the previous week. I leave it on his desk or on his keyboard, in full view, every Monday morning before he arrives. In the last couple of months, however, he has gotten lax in his organisation, and as a result, loses track of them and asks me for them as though I haven’t done them. I always reply with “On your desk,” which usually satisfies him. I’m called to his very messy office one morning. As I walk in, there are three others with him, one of which is my manager’s director.)

Manager: “Sit down, [My Name].”

Me: *while moving several of my reports off a chair and sitting down* “What’s this about?”

Manager: “Well, we have been discussing your lack of cooperation as of late.”

Me: “Okay, how?”

Manager: “Specifically, [Report]. Now, you know that this report is very important to me, and I need it first thing Monday morning—”

Me: “Which I have produced consistently since I designed it, two years ago.”

Manager: “…I haven’t seen it in three months. All you have said is—”

Me: “It’s on your desk. In fact I just put the one I made yesterday on the floor so I could sit down.”

(I pick it up and present it. My manager looks through it and starts to blush. The director then takes it.)

Director: “You were just lambasting him for something that has been in this office for 24 hours? You needed this for your meeting yesterday, and it was readily available! [My Name], I want you to find the last three months of reports, if you can.”

(I set to work and after 20 minutes I finally find all of the missing reports. My manager and director just stare at them.)

Director: “[Manager], you have been blaming [My Name] for weeks, and all this time…”

(He then got up and left, followed by the other directors. My manager just told me to go and that was the last I saw of him. I learned from HR that he went on sick leave due to stress and depression, and eventually quit. I was offered his job, but after realising he was crumbling with no support from anyone, much less that director, I quit as well. No job is worth that.)

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