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You’ve Been Nintendo’ed

| Romantic | April 13, 2015

(My boyfriend is playing a PC-game and I’m walking past him, obviously about to take a shower. I have never taken a shower at his place without him when he is home. I take my shower, half-expecting him to join me, but he never does. As I get out of the shower, I’m wearing the lingerie we bought the day before and also the mini-skirt he bought me long before but that I’ve not worn yet. I stand behind him:)

Me: “Still playing your game, hmm?”

Boyfriend: “Yes, dear.”


Me: “You’re not really paying attention to me, are you?”

Boyfriend: *touches my arm for a moment* “What? No, yes, I am!”

Me: “No, you’re not. You’re playing your game. Gaming boyfriends have the reputation of not paying attention to their girlfriends”

Boyfriend: *while still staring at the screen* “But I am!”

(I stand half behind, half next to him for a while longer, my skirt almost touching his elbow. Then I get cold and take a step into the direction of the bedroom. I stop.)

Me: “Hon?”

Boyfriend: *not looking* “Yes?”

Me: “[Boyfriend]?”

Boyfriend: *still not looking* “Yes?”

Me: *silence*

Boyfriend: *catching on and finally looking* “Yes?” *notices outfit* “Oh, hey, you’re wearing the skirt I bought you!”

Me: “I guess you taking this long to notice proves my point about gaming boyfriends, right?”

Boyfriend: *already eyeing game again and in a sad tone* “Yes…”

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