You’ve Been In There For An (Old) Age!

, , , , | Right | July 15, 2020

I have gone to the hospital for my monthly blood test, due to some medication I have been taking. I have needed the toilet for some time but have held on as it was almost my turn in the queue. As soon as everything is done, I run to the toilet and close the door behind me. I have just sat down when…

Woman: *Knocking on the door* “Can you hurry up, please?”

Me: “I’ll just be a few minutes!”

I finish my “business,” wash my hands, and head out the door.

Woman: “Shame on you! You shouldn’t be using that toilet!”

Me: “Um…”

Woman: “Pensioners might need it!”

I look around. There are no people, let alone any pensioners, nearby.

Woman: “You should always leave them for pensioners! Honestly! You young people have no respect for the elderly!”

She walked out, nearly colliding with an elderly man coming in the opposite direction, but failed to notice him!

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