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You’ve Been Cancelled

, , , | Right | January 11, 2023

One of our coworkers has just been promoted to the manager of our check-in and concierge desk. It’s only been a month since the promotion, but morale amongst the staff is at an all-time high since, while she will go above and beyond for most guests, she will also go as far in the opposite direction to a**hole guests.

I see her helping check in a guest when another guest approaches the desk and snaps his fingers at her.

Guest: “Hey!” *Snaps* “Hey! I’m ready to check in!”

Manager: “I will be with you just a moment, sir.”

Guest: *Snaps* “But I’m ready now!”

In a quick motion (and thus creating a moment I will never forget – yay, core memories!) my manager snaps her fingers back at the guest!

Manager: *Snaps* “And I will be with you in a moment… sir!”

The guest is momentarily dumbfounded but regains his composure when it’s time for him to check in. I actually become available to serve him, but my manager gives me a look that I know to mean, “Hold off… he’s mine.”

Manager: “I can see you’re staying in our [Economy Range] room tonight, sir.”

Guest: “Yes, and you will be upgrading me for free for being so rude.”

Manager: “I’m afraid you’re not eligible for any upgrades, sir.”

Guest: “Then I guess we’ll have to talk to your manager about how rude you’ve been to a premium-member guest.”

Manager: “I am the manager, sir, and no upgrades.”

Guest: “If you don’t upgrade me, I’ll cancel!”

Manager: “Splendid! We actually have a waitlist for availability sent by other hotels due to the convention in town this weekend. The other hotels will be so grateful.”

Guest: “Wait, I didn’t mean—”

Manager: “Sir, you said you’d upgrade or cancel. Since an upgrade is impossible, I assume you intend to cancel?”

Guest: “You’re being so rude, you [racist slur]!”

Manager: “Cancellation it is! Have a good night, sir!”

She smiled her customer service smile and told me to give his room to the first person on the waitlist from our sister hotel. It was gone in five minutes, and the problem guest was gone by then, too!

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