Youth Can’t Win For Losing

, , , , | Friendly | July 29, 2019

(I have my headphones in while I approach the self-checkouts at my local supermarket. As I finish my purchase, I see the man next to me making exaggerated gestures. I take my headphones out to see what the issue is. He notices.)

Man: “These things are bulls***. They don’t work half the time!”

(I look at his machine and see it is telling him the machine is card only and asking him to confirm before using it.)

Me: “Are you paying by card?”

Man: “Ugh, yes.” *seeing me lean over to tap the screen* “Don’t bother; it won’t let me do anything!”

(After tapping, the message disappears.)

Me: “Try it now.”

(The man mumbled that I was young and not listening, but he tried it anyway. His cereal scanned and he stared, mouth agape. I picked up my bag and left the checkout. I had to walk past him again to leave the store. In that few seconds he had started another rant about young people thinking they always know everything. I put my headphones back in and left.)

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