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You’re Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

, , , , | Right | October 4, 2019

(We have a regular who always comes through the drive-thru. She always complains about something — price, wait, whatever. Normally, the cashier smiles, nods, and apologizes. This particular problem customer I actually know outside of work. I go to college with her son, so she often complains to me about stuff on our way inside the building. I just brush it off. We have a buck-lunch deal that comes with a sundae, but for an extra charge, you can upgrade it to a blizzard. Yesterday, she was in the drive-thru complaining about something. Today, I am on my way to class when she and her son catch up to me.)

Son: “Good morning!”

Me: *smiles* “Mornin’.”

Customer: “I don’t know who that was at the window last night but she is just down-right stupid!”

(The girl she is referring to is a manager and a good friend of mine, but I don’t say anything yet.)

Me: “Why?”

Customer: “We went through the drive-thru yesterday and got the lunch specials. I always get a blizzard with it but they never charge me extra because I don’t get the drink, just the ice cream. And she tries to charge me for it!”

Me: *slightly aggravated but still polite* “Well, we are supposed to charge you for it. That’s why it’s called an upgr—”

Customer: “No! You’re not listening! They normally don’t charge me for it because I don’t take the drink! And she tried to yesterday!”

Me: “We have to charge for it. We can actually get in a lot of trouble with the general manager if we don’t. They probably made an exception last time. Every once in a while we make exceptions for regulars. But, since she’s a manager, she can get into a lot more trouble if—”

(We’re now walking into class so our classmates can hear us arguing and they look up to see what’s going on.)

Customer: “Well, they shouldn’t do it once if they’re not always gonna do it!”

Me: “Most people are happy with getting free stuff and don’t whine and complain about it! They just take it and are happy they got it! People who whine and complain about it ruin it for everyone!”

(She finally stomped out and left. She hasn’t come through the drive-thru nearly as much, and when she does, she’s much nicer.)

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