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You’re Un-Work-For-able

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(I am 29 years old and I’m looking for a new job after being laid off from my previous job. I apply at several places, but because I do not have my driver’s license yet, I try to keep it to businesses close enough for me to walk to. The first of them to call me for an interview is a bar in the next town over, just barely within walking distance. At the end of the interview…)

Owner: “Well, then, I’d like to offer you a job, [My Name].”

Me: “Really?”

Owner:H*** no! I honestly can’t believe I wasted my time interviewing you. I mean seriously, almost thirty and you don’t have your d*** driver’s license? F****** loser! And your only experience is pushing carts and bagging groceries at [Nearby Grocery Store], and a little bit of construction experience? Puh-lease! You’re worthless! I mean, just look at you. Not even dressed nicely!” *points to my outfit, which consists of a nice polo and black pants* “And you just half-a**ed all of my questions! You’re literally unhireable! I’m f****** serious, you will never get a job anywhere with interview skills and a resume like this! GET OUT OF MY BAR, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF S***! OUT! NOW!”

(I quickly made my way out of his office and over to the door. He came out after me and continued to shout insults in my direction as I walked away, and customers were watching the entire time. I was on the verge of crying but I pulled myself together and made a promise to myself to prove that loon wrong. As soon as I got home, I began putting out applications to just about every business in the area, h***-bent on getting myself a job. Within a couple of weeks, I had an interview for a shelf stocker position at a different grocery store just up the street from my house. Sure enough, I was hired pretty much on the spot. A few months later, I was driving past the bar on the way home from the DMV after getting my license, and I noticed that it was boarded up and appeared to have not been open for some time. I soon learned why from a friend who used to work there; the bar owner had pretty much shot himself in the foot the day that he interviewed me. More than half his staff, including the cook and both of his managers, quit immediately after they saw what he did to me. He then fired the remainder of his staff out of frustration the next day, and shut down a week later because he couldn’t find any replacements. Gee, I wonder why?)

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