You’re Totally Pizza Perfect, Part 2

| Romantic | May 17, 2017

(One of my best friend has intense migraines, for which she takes medications that will knock her out for several hours and make her feel woozy and weirdly hungry afterwards. A week after she went on a date with a friend from work, an Italian cook, she texts me.)

Friend: “Oh, god, I feel another migraine coming. I gotta cancel my date with [Male Friend] today and take a pill. I was looking forward to that pizza date.”

Me: “I’m sure he’ll understand. Text me if you need anything after you wake up.”

(An hour later, I get a text from her date.)

Male Friend: “Hey, [My Name], please don’t think this is creepy but I kinda need [Friend]’s address; do you think she’d mind if you gave it to me?”

Me: “I don’t think she’ll mind. It’s [Address]. You do know she’s out with migraine medicine, though, right?”

Male Friend: “Yeah, don’t worry; I’m not gonna visit now! Just thought about something.”

(Another hour passes, and my friend calls me after waking up from her pill-induced nap.)

Friend: “Did you… did you put a pizza at my door in the hallway?”

Me: “…no. Is there a note or anything?”

Friend: “Wait, there’s a soda bottle, too. With a post-it.” *reads it* “Oh, my god, it’s from [Male Friend]!”

(Yes, her date had brought her a homemade Italian pizza, rang her neighbours to let him in, and left it at the door. He must’ve also timed it well enough that the pizza was still hot. Needless to say, they became a couple pretty quickly.)


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