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You’re Totally Off Your Clocker

, , , , | Working | February 11, 2020

(The grocery store I work at also has a popular coffee chain stall inside. They have several tables around the stall, since we have hot foods in the deli. I work in the department next to the coffee stall, so I overhear a lot of conversations there and at the tables. A department head and a few of her friends are sitting at a table, drinking coffee and chatting. Someone from her department comes over.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Department Head], when are you back from lunch? We have some things we need you to help with.”

Department Head: “Oh, I haven’t even clocked out yet!” *laughs*

(She’s been sitting and chatting for close to an hour at that point.)

Coworker: “Okay, but we need you to help with some of the computer stuff for [process].”

Department Head: “Yeah, I’ll get over there eventually. Just go make yourself busy.”

(My coworker goes to the office. A few minutes later, the store manager comes over.)

Manager: “[Department Head]! You’re on the clock! Why are you just sitting around?!”

Department Head: “I’m taking a break, jeez!”

Manager: “If you’re gonna take a break, go clock out! You’ve spent too much time hanging out and not working!”

Department Head: “You’re just jealous I’m pretty and people like me!”

Manager: “No, I’m upset you spend more time socializing with friends than doing what I pay you for. Clock out for break or go home.”

(I found out later that she transferred to a different store because of “too much pressure” from our manager.)

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