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You’re The Poolest

, , , | Right | August 7, 2016

(I am working a particular evening and have a large group staying for a funeral the next day. One of the moms asks about the waterslide, which doesn’t typically run at this particular time.)

Me: “Oh, it’s usually just on [during specific hours], not [this particular evening].”

Guest: “Oh, okay.”

Me: “But sometimes we’ll turn it on for a little while, if we have time. I might have time in a little while. How long do you think you’ll be using the pool?”

Guest: “Probably an hour?”

Me: *pauses for a second to think* “You know what? Why don’t I grab the keys and turn it on now for a little while. But if I get any phone calls or anything I’ll have to pause the slide, all right?”

(I do technically have things to do, but I figure I can postpone them for a half hour or so to give the kids something fun to do.)

Guest: “Thank you! I’ll go let the other kids know.”

(I head to the pool and turn on the slide and let the kids know to go single file, etc. The moms stick near the slide to watch their kids and I go sit down for a little while. About thirty minutes later…)

Guest: “Why don’t we go give the kids a ten minute warning, okay?”

Me: “Sure, that’ll work.”

(The phone has been quiet, and no one has paged me to the front desk yet, so I figure another few minutes won’t hurt. At this point it is only a few of the many kids using the slide anyway. Ten minutes later they tell the kids it’s their last turn on the slide, and I close the gate. As I am walking away to turn off the slide, this happens.)

Guest: “Here’s a tip for doing this for us!”

(She proceeded to hand me some money as the other mothers and a few of the kids thanked me as well. What they gave me amounted to almost double what I had earned in an hour on the clock, and is the second or third tip I’ve received in three years at this job. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I remember and am grateful. It may end up going toward some car repairs, so good timing, ladies!)

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