You’re The Black Dress Of The Family

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(It’s my sister’s wedding and I’m invited. We aren’t close and I’m against weddings but I decide to go anyway to please my dad and brother. I plan to go in a dressy blouse and a formal skirt, but my brother wants me to wear an expensive dress.)

Me: “I don’t have the money for a dress.”

Brother: “Liar!”

Me: “Well, I don’t want to wear one. I’m a grown woman and can choose my own clothes! Why are you trying to control me?”

Brother: “I’m not trying to take away your freedom of choice. But this is a formal event and everyone will be looking at you. You’ll embarrass her if you wear a blouse and skirt to your own sister’s wedding.”

Me: “I don’t care what she thinks! Do you remember what she wore to my university graduation celebration?”

Brother: “No. What?”

Me: “Ripped jeans and a dirty sweatshirt. That day meant a lot to me after I worked like a dog for my degree. So, tell me again why I should wear this dress?”

(He went silent after that, but on the day of the wedding he started up again. I figured it was just one day, so I caved, but I wish I hadn’t.)

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