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You’re Supposed To Fight LIKE Cats And Dogs, Not WITH Them!

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When my brother and his wife were divorcing, they lived together for about two months before it was final. One morning, my brother was just behind his wife as they went downstairs; she was about to have breakfast and then head to work. Their two cats were about five months old at this time and as rambunctious and energetic as kittens normally are. [Cat #1] was [Brother]’s, while [Cat #2] was [Sister-In-Law]’s, so their plan was to split the brothers. This morning, [Cat #1] rushed to greet [Sister-In-Law]; most likely, he was hungry and about to beg for food. She kicked him across the room.

My brother grabbed his darling wife and pushed her out the door.

Brother: “You can have breakfast at work. And you can forget about taking [Cat #2]; I refuse to allow someone who abuses animals to have one.”

[Sister-In-Law] worked at a grocery store and bragged about how the staff “found” food they could enjoy for free in the break room and how well-stocked the staff fridge was. He didn’t expect her to starve; he is not an abusive monster.

He kept his word, and that was his only condition during the divorce: that he could keep both boys. They are now very spoiled fourteen-year-old seniors whose only complaint is that [Cat #2] is ordered by the vet to shrink. When your two main interests are to eat and sleep, you tend to expand, so to speak.

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