You’re Supposed To Back Up The SANE Customers

, , , , | Working | March 5, 2021

Before we go into another lockdown, I go to my local DIY and hardware store to pick up some bits for essential repairs. I grab a trolley and pick up a few things, and then I am stopped by a woman in her mid-forties.

Woman: “Can I have your trolley? You only have a few things.”

Me: “No, sorry. I need it.”

Woman: *Suddenly very loud* “Oh, come on. You could carry that; we need that trolley.”

Me: “No.”

I have half of the trolley full of fixings, hand tools, etc. It’s way too much to carry.

Woman: “You are being unreasonable.”

Me: “No, I’m not. I need the trolley; that’s why I took it. There are plenty more outside if you want one.”

She goes on for a bit. I ignore her and browse the shelves. She manages to flag down a worker.

Worker: “Could you please let her have the trolley?”

Me: “What? No, I brought it in with me and I need it. I physically cannot carry heavy items.”

Worker: “Yeah, but could you just… let her have it?”

Me: “You know what? It’s all yours.”

I simply left the trolley with all my items on it as the woman shouted after me to empty it for her, as well!

When I passed by the customer service desk on my way out, I called for a manager and he called the worker over. Rather than defend himself, he shrugged and said he didn’t see the problem. I explained that I cannot physically carry much weight due to an accident and that he shouldn’t judge people. Instead of responding, he shrugged again and walked away.

The manager sighed and admitted that he would probably be letting the worker go; he has had a load of new starters and this one just doesn’t seem to understand. He offered to get someone to help shop for my items again, but by that point, I could not be bothered.

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