You’re Such A MAN(ners)

| Friendly | October 21, 2016

(I have just been dropped off near a shopping mall and proceed to enter. At the same time a woman enters from the opposite doors. I have reached the next set of doors just before the woman gets there.)

Me: *while opening the door* “After you, please.”

Woman: “What, because I am a woman I can’t open a god-d*** door myself?!”

Me: *after a brief pause to recover from the shock of the outburst* “No, ma’am. My parents brought me up to be polite, and to treat others with respect, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. The fact that you are a woman has no bearing on me opening and holding the door. I do apologize that you did not receive the same sort of upbringing. I will be more than happy to oblige you.”

(I then proceed the enter the store and close the door behind me, leaving the dumbstruck woman standing on the other side. With a final smile, I turn to see a female employee of the store standing within earshot of the situation.)

Employee: “You handled that perfectly. I hate how some people act.”

Me: “Unfortunately, I am getting used to it. Have a good day.”

(As I walked away I glanced over my shoulder to see the woman still on the other side of the door.)

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