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You’re Showing Your Ignorance

, , , , | Right | January 13, 2019

(I am a manager in a store and I had just rung out a customer, thanked her, and wished her a good day.)

Customer: “Oh, when are you due?”

Me: *smoothens over puffed out sweatshirt* “I’m not expecting.”

Customer: “Oh, come on, you’re showing.”

Me: *icily* “I am quite not!”

Customer: *pointing at my middle* “You’re so bulky… I mean, your sweatshirt is… TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT!”

(I look over at her as she giggles and back-pedals.)

Me: “None of that was very nice or your business.”

Customer: *as she walks out the door backwards and still tottering* “IT’S A COMPLIMENT!”

(I get that she may have been embarrassed, but I think a simple, “I’m so sorry,” and a hasty exit would have done us both big favors.)

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