This Is Why You’re Pen-sive

, , | Right | October 20, 2017

(Where I work requires someone to sign a paper copy of a receipt when they do a return. A rather odd gentleman has just returned something, and I finish processing everything and hand him my pen to sign the slip.)

Customer: “Hmm, nice pen.”

Me: “Yeah, it writes nice; it’s one of my favourites.”

Customer: “Guess you’ll want it then.”

Me: “Uh… Yes. I’d like to keep my pen.” *holds my hand out for him to reluctantly hand it back*

Customer: *noticing another pen on my till that has the company logo on it* “What about that one?”

Me: “Um. Sure, I guess you can have that one this time.”

Customer: *snatches pen off the counter and stuffs it in his pocket* “Next time it’ll be that nice one.” *turns on his heel and walks out the door*

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