You’re Only As Good As Your Last Bad Customer

, , , | Right | October 10, 2020

I work as a dishwasher at a pretty popular restaurant that hosts mostly lunch, but also many dinner selections. Ten minutes before the end of my shift, one of the line cooks calls in and says she can’t make it. I offer to stay and help out since the other line cook that is coming in is still new.

It has been exceptionally busy tonight, which means the manager is on the line with the new girl, and I am playing the mediator, going from line to food running to registers. I am panning up soups for the line, and finally, when I get done with that, there is only one order on the window; it has a fifteen-minute ticket time. I run out and take the plate to the guest.

Me: “Sorry about your wait; you had a [Popular Sandwich Item]?”

Customer #1: “Yep.”

Me: “Here you are! Enjoy your meal.”

As I walk away, I hear [Customer #2] say to [Customer #1]:

Customer #2: “You should have gotten a free [dessert item].”

All happy mood, gone.

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