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You’re On The News? That’s News To Me!

, , , | Right | May 10, 2022

I was working the door at a hockey game once. They usually had local celebrities or public figures come and drop the first puck. One of the local newscasters came in.

Newscaster: “I’m here to drop the first puck.”

The team hadn’t notified the doors yet. She figured since she was a newscaster, we’d recognize her and let her in. The game was about to start and they did really need someone there to drop the puck, so there was no time for verification.

Well, the problem was that none of us watched the local news. Then, all of a sudden, I recognized her; I had gone to school with her sister.

Me: “I know you! You’re [Former Schoolmate]’s sister! Sure, go on in.”

And I told her where to go.

She came back ten minutes later. She really had been there just to drop the puck, which I knew was the case once I recognized her. She was actually very sweet and understanding through the entire thing. I could tell, though, that it did set her back half a step because I knew who she was because of her sibling and not her career.

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