You’re Not A Typical Off-The-Shelf Customer

, , , | Right | October 3, 2019

(I’ve just paid for my groceries at my local supermarket. I push my groceries to the end of the checkout region, where there is a small shelf you can pull out to put your bag on when loading your groceries into it. I use this shelf, and after putting my bag back on my back, I push the shelf back in. This makes quite a bit of noise as it doesn’t slide that smoothly anymore and it causes the cashier to look at me and smile. Then, she looks over to the cashier at the checkout opposite of hers.)

Cashier #1: *to the other cashier* “She actually pushed it back in!”

Cashier #2: “Really?”

Cashier #1: “Yep, no one ever does that!”

(I look up, surprised.)

Me: “I always do it.”

Cashier #1: *to me* “Then you’re one of the good ones. Most people leave it sticking out and then I have to get out of my bay to push it back…”

(It might be because I am the clumsy person always walking into them, but I really do always push them in. I don’t want to cause anyone bruises on their hips or thighs!)

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