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You’re Gonna Make Me Cry Again For Completely Different Reasons

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I have recently lost my grandmother due to lung cancer and I found out when I was coming back from break. I was supposed to go back on the till but am allowed to leave to mourn. I have to walk through a guest area to get to the backstage areas that lead to the employee parking lot. I have been crying and a teenage boy approaches to ask a question.

Guest: “Do you know where the nearest lockers are?”

Me: “Just go down to the water fountain; hang a right.”

Guest: “Thanks. By the way, don’t cry. It’ll get better.”

Me: “You have no idea, but thank you.”

I was wearing sunglasses that were rather large, to fit over my glasses, and he must’ve been focusing hard to see the tear tracks. However he realized, it made me feel a little better to know that someone who didn’t even know me cared.

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