You’re Going To Pay For That

| Working | May 30, 2014

(My company has recently instituted a requirement for all employees to take a ‘safe driver’ course. I am the manager, and I am buying lunch for my coworkers to help make up for having to come in on the weekend. I offer to pay for the instructor’s lunch as well, but she refuses, saying she is required to submit her meal expenses to her company. She is the only female in our group, but the employee in the sandwich shop is also female.)

Employee: “Can I take your order?”

Me: “I will have [meal] and these guys are with me. Put all their meals on the same check.”

Employee: “Aren’t you going to pay for HER, too?” *indicates the instructor*

Me: “No, I am buying lunch for these [coworkers].”

Employee: “You are so RUDE! Why aren’t you paying for hers, too?!”

(By this time the driving instructor looks utterly baffled by what is going on, and looks like she wished the employee would just let it go.)

Me: “Look, I offered, but she’s paying for her own lunch! Please just do your job.”

Employee: “Hmph!” *completes the order begrudgingly*

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