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You’re Going To Need To Sit(ter) Down For This

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(I have a regular job, but I also have a side job pet- and house-sitting. I charge different rates depending on how far I’d have to commute to my regular job, how many pets the client has, etc. I’ve recently finished a job with [Client A], who lives near me and only has one cat. She has recommended me to [Client B], who contacts me.)

Client B: “Hello, I need to hire a sitter. I’ll be out of town for 12 days.”

Me: “Hi, thanks for contacting me. First, a few questions.” *I ask for relevant info.*

Client B: “I have three dogs and two cats, and my address is [street]. [Client A] told me you charge $35 a day.”

Me: “Well, [Client A] was getting a different rate. For your care, I’d have to charge a bit more.”

Client B: “Why?”

Me: “[Client A] lives much closer to me and has one cat, whereas you’re on the other side of town and have multiple animals. It would take more travel and more work.”

Client B: “They’re easy to take care of. Just feed them and let them in and out.”

Me: “Even so, it would still be a much longer drive for me to get to work. I’d be spending extra time and gas every day.”

Client B: “Work? I thought this was your work.”

Me: “I also have a day job. Sitting is nice supplemental income, but it’s not steady enough for me to pay rent from it alone.”

Client B: “Rent? Why would you pay rent? Don’t you just live at your client’s houses?”

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