You’re Fully Serviced

, , , | Romantic | August 8, 2017

(I’m over at my boyfriend’s house, and he’s put a couple mugs of water in the microwave to make tea, and then forgotten about them. It’s worth noting that I worked as a theater costume designer for a number of years before going back to school for chemistry.)

Me: “Are the mugs still in the microwave?”

Boyfriend: “Oh, crap. Yes, they are. I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder.”

Me: *laughing* “No worries. One of the many services which I provide!”

Boyfriend: *teasing* “Ooooh, what other services are there?”

Me: “Well, I try to remind you about stuff on the stove or in the microwave, and friends’ birthdays and anniversaries that you need to call or send cards for, and stuff that you said you wanted to download and then forgot about.”

Boyfriend: “True. Thank you for that.”

Me: “And if I know you’re tired and feeling antisocial, I try to act as a buffer and keep you from getting dragged into conversations you don’t really want to be in. I help with cosplay stuff that would be too expensive to buy but too difficult to make on your own…”

Boyfriend: *handing me a mug of tea* “Those are… really valuable services, actually. Now I think I should be paying you.”

Me: “Nah, just keep making me tea and cuddling me, and I’ll consider myself very well compensated!”

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