You’re Bready For Justice

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(My dad and I are shopping in a local supermarket for a few items for dinner. We stop by the bakery to get a loaf of bread to have with our meal, and we see a well-dressed woman looking at the range of bread rolls available. She picks one up and squeezes it hard, driving her thumb right into the roll, effectively making it useless to anyone. She nods to herself and starts to bag up the other rolls there. Evidently, both my dad and I are outraged by this, since we both near simultaneously speak up.)

Me & Dad: “HEY!”

(The woman turns to us.)

Woman: “Yes?”

(I let my dad take charge here, since I’m likely to say something too rude.)

Dad: “How about you don’t do that? You have just destroyed that roll and are leaving it.”

Woman: “But sweetie!”

(Yes, a woman in her 60s called my dad, a man in his 50s, “sweetie.”)

Woman: “How else can I tell if it’s soft enough?”

(My dad, apparently taken aback at being called “sweetie,” pauses. I take over in the crusade for justice.)

Me: “Uh, honestly, you can tell by giving it a gentle squeeze. I mean, sure, you can ram your thumb into it like you’re giving it a prostate exam, but hey… What do I know? I only sold bread in a bakery for two years.”

(The customer was somewhat taken back by my “graphic” description of the way she treated the roll, and she silently bagged it up and walked away. My dad had gone from shocked at being called “sweetie” to trying not to laugh.)

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