You’re As Cool As Ice

, , | Hopeless | January 26, 2017

(I am working at a very popular amusement park that is Snoopy themed. I get put on Roving Carts which are carts that move. I don’t have a till, just an apron with pockets for cash, and there is no phone available so I have to wait to be checked on if I want anything. Using a cell phone is frowned upon. On this day it is unbearably hot and my manager said she might pull me after she gets back from lunch. I have drunk all my water and am just hovering under the little shade my cart has. A girl from the store next to me comes by with a dolly full of ice.)

Girl: “I am on my way to DQ for ice. Want me to pick you up some water?”

Me: “Are you serious? I don’t even know you!”

Girl: “I get it; it’s hot outside. I’ll be right back, if you don’t mind waiting a minute.”

(She came back a few seconds later with three bags of ice and a cup of water in her hands. After she gave me the water, a half hour later my manager pulled me in because it got too hot. I still don’t know that girl’s name but my other coworkers said she did it for them, too.)

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