You’re Already Fired!

| Learning | August 8, 2016

(I’m been asked to help out at a career-day run by my company. Being a previous apprentice I am deemed to be the best suited to talk to school leavers about starting an apprenticeship. The day is going well; there are a range of children showing up.)

Teenager: “So what is this?”

Me: “An apprenticeship program; you get paid to learn a career in engineering.”

Teenager: “What? Like, at college?”

Me: “Exactly. I started at college five days a week, then once a week. All while being paid.”

Teenager: “So could I get the job and not go to college?”

Me: “Well, no. The reason the company pays you is so that you can learn to do the job.”

Teenager: “What if I just don’t show up at college?”

Me: “Then you would get in trouble and probably fired.”

Teenager: *he seems to think about this* “Nah, thanks.” *wanders off*

(I shared a laugh with my manager, even more when the teenager actually applied for the position. Apparently in the interview he stated that he didn’t like school. Yet he applied for a five-year engineering study!)

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