You’re A Cereal Klutz

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(I work on the overnight shift at a retail chain stocking shelves, and I’m known as quite the klutz. One night, I’m pulling a tall pallet of merchandise to the sales floor, while a coworker helps push it, and as we pass the cereal aisle, I accidentally hit the top of a large clothing display with the corner of the pallet and knock it over. Fortunately, no customers are nearby, so nobody gets hurt. As I’m standing there in shock at what happened, the assistant manager turns the corner with a look of pure shock on her face that I’ll never forget. After a moment, with surprising calm in her voice, she asks me what happened.)

Me: “I just clipped the arm hanging over the aisle by accident, and the display wobbled back and forth before it finally fell over.

Coworker #1: “Honestly, he barely touched it, though. I’m surprised it actually fell over.”

Me: “Am… am I fired?”

Assistant Manager: “I don’t think you’ll be fired over this, but we’re going to check the camera to see exactly what happened. Head to the back and help stack the pallets; just don’t pull any to the floor for now.”

(I immediately go and do just that. My coworker and I say nothing of this incident to anyone out back. Just a couple minutes later, the assistant manager makes an announcement over the intercom.)

Assistant Manager: “I need all maintenance to the cereal aisle, please. All maintenance to the cereal aisle.”

(A coworker who has been in the back the entire time comes out from between some racks and sees me.)

Coworker #2: “[My Name]… what did you do?”

Me: “How did you know that announcement was about something I did?!”

Coworker #2: “Really? Who else?”

Me: “Fair point.”

(It was determined that the display I knocked over was not only hanging out in the main aisle too far, but also stocked with too much merchandise on the top, making it top-heavy and more prone to tipping over. I suppose management took pity on me, since I wasn’t even given an official warning on my record. I did, however, finally take that wake-up call and was more careful of my surroundings after that.)

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