Your Threat Could Not Be Delivered

, , , | Right | April 23, 2019

A customer contacted us to tell us that he hadn’t received his order. I checked the tracker, which said it was delivered to his address, gave him the link, described our packaging, and told him to go and look for it and to check with his neighbours, just in case it was delivered to them by mistake. He then came back to us, said he had already spoken to USPS, who had apparently left it on his doorstep where anyone could have taken it, and that we needed to resolve this and resend it for him.

So, I gave him the usual spiel: “Sorry to hear that. That is not what we would expect from any delivery company. You should contact them to try and claim compensation, as our terms and conditions clearly state that we are not responsible for stuff like this if the tracker says it has been delivered.”

The guy came back and told us that this wasn’t the first time it had happened, and that he has had multiple packages stolen from him before, so we would need to resend it ASAP. If we did not — and this was phrased in the most horrible and callous way possible — he would do a chargeback, knowing that it would hurt us financially and hopefully cause issues with our payment provider, and would do everything he could to damage our business online.

We are quite stereotypical British folks; we actually went and got a fresh round of tea for ourselves. We were fuming that much over his response. We spent a while discussing why he did not think to get a mailbox or contact USPS about the thefts, or even contact us to ask if we could send it signed for before purchasing — which was another gripe in his email. With immense displeasure, we agreed it was in the company’s best interest to resend it to protect our online reputation and chargeback stats and fees, and make it clear to him that this was a one-off, and then put him on a special status so that we would never accept orders from him again.

Just as I was about to ask for his order to be resent, I realised that he did not pay by card, and therefore could not chargeback us, and we had one of the best Friday afternoons ever!

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