Your Sub Is Sub-Standard

| Learning | July 5, 2017

(It’s the last weeks of the last term I have to do as a Year 12 student and my Legal Studies teacher has gone on holiday. As we’re only doing revision, the sub really doesn’t have to do much, which is great because the one we get is awful. He treats us like complete idiots while managing to screw up our revision to the point we spend a full lesson on something that normally takes us 20 minutes tops. Thus, to no one’s surprise, class attendance has been dropping until only I (female) and my friend (male) are attending classes. This happens the last day of classes:)

Me: “Hey, [Other Friend], where’s [Male Friend]?

Other Friend: “Oh, he’s sick. Wasn’t in class this morning.”

Me: “Oh, d***. We have Legal Studies after lunch… We’re the only ones going because of Mr [Teacher].”

Other Friend: “So you’ll be alone with him?”

Me: “Yeah. I… I don’t think I can go to class… I don’t want to be alone with him; he creeps me out.” *thinking, because I’m sure he’ll find me if I go to the library and I don’t actually want to leave the school grounds* “Hey, what class do you have next?”

Other Friend: “Biology.”

(We both take Biology but I’m in the other class with a different teacher.)

Me: “Great! I’ll come with you.”

(Upon reaching the Biology classroom, where I planned to sneak into class.)

Biology Teacher: “Oh, hi, [My Name]. Joining us today?”

Me: *frozen and nervous because I’ve never skipped class before* “Yes?”

Biology Teacher: “Okay.” *turning to the rest of the class* “We’re watching a movie today, guys.”

(I never went back to that class and heard that when the regular teacher returned, she had complaints about him from every single class of hers he took!)

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