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Your Spelling Is Lludicrous

| Learning | January 27, 2015

(We are playing ‘classroom feud,’ a parody of a popular game show. We have to pick team names. I am spokesperson for my team, so I get to choose.)

Professor: *to my team* “What do you want your team name to be?”

Me: “The Fuzzy Llamas.”

Professor: “But it has to be one word, since it’s a family name.”

Me: “Okay, so Llamas.”

Professor: *writes “LAMAS” on the board*

Me: “Why does ‘lamas” only have one ‘L’?”

Professor: “Because it’s a family name, like the Dalai Lama.”

Me: “Can you put another ‘L’ in?”

Professor: “Okay, fine.” *writes another L* “You are now the ‘Lamals.’ I hope you’re happy.”

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