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Your Spanish Stopped The Inquisition

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I work in a bank. I am Latina; I don’t look it, but my last name gives it away every time. A woman on her cell phone sweeps into the branch and plants herself at my desk.

Me: “Hi! What can I—”

The woman gives me the “hold on” finger and continues talking on her phone for several minutes. I take this time to finish up some paperwork. The woman finally hangs up.

Me: “What can I help—”

Customer:Finally! Okay, here’s what I want. I want an account that I can access with a debit card, but I don’t want a checking account. No one else can do it for me, so I don’t expect you to do it, either.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, our debit cards are for checking accounts. I could get you a savings account with an ATM card. Additionally, I’d recommend one of our reloadable cards. It’s not a debit card, but you can transfer money from the savings account to the card through online banking, so it acts like one.”

The customer’s phone rings. She waves me off and picks it up again. I go back to my paperwork as she chats for several more minutes. She finally hangs up again.

Customer: “Did you open that account for me yet?”

Me: “Ma’am, I—”

Customer: “I knew you couldn’t help me. I’ll go somewhere else.”

She gets up and grabs her things. She glances over at my nameplate.

Customer: “[Last Name]? Is that you?”

Me: “Yes, that’s me.”

Customer: “Let me guess, you’re married to a Spanish man and you think—”

I stare her down.

Me: “I may not look it, but I assure you that I am Spanish. My grandparents came from [Country], to be more specific. Now, I’m sorry we couldn’t help you. Have a nice day.”

The customer sits back down and puts her phone away. She smiles at me.

Customer: “[Country]? Really?”

I am now very annoyed, and my face definitely shows it.

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “I’ve never met anyone with roots in [Country] before. I love it when more diversity comes to town!”

Me: “…what?”

Customer: “Tell me more about that account. I think I want it.”

I raise an eyebrow, as her demeanor has completely changed. I repeat my account recommendation word for word, only this time…

Customer: “That’s brilliant. I’ll take everything you suggested.”

I am extremely confused, but I do need the sales points, so I open the account and the cards. The customer continues to lay on the compliments, saying how smart I am for thinking of that solution, how great my customer service is, etc. She signs the paperwork, thanks me profusely, and exits.

Me: “What the…”

The supervisor on duty comes over.

Supervisor: “What on earth just happened?”

Me: “I don’t even know.”

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