Your Review Is Under Review

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(I was fired a few months ago by an employer, without warning. The office had a very negative vibe, with bullying from management. Less than two weeks later, I got a job in a bigger company through an agency. A month later, I receive a call during my lunch break.)

Me: “Hello?”

Team Leader: “Hi, [My Name], this is [Team Leader] from [Company].”

Me: “Oh… Hi.”

Team Leader: “I just wanted to talk to you about a review I saw on [Website]. I wanted to check whether you wrote it.”

(The website isn’t one I know.)

Me: “Sorry, no. It wasn’t me.”

Team Leader: “It’s just that if it was you, there’s allegations I’d like to discuss, about bullying and cliques within the company.”

Me: “Right… Well, like I said, it wasn’t me.”

Team Leader: “I haven’t told anyone about the review, you know. But it matches the time you worked here and was written the week after you were fired.”

Me: *losing patience* “I spent that week trying to find new work, not writing reviews. It wasn’t me. Please drop it.”

Team Leader: “But if it was, then—”

Me: “It wasn’t. And I’m really not interested in this. Goodbye.” *hangs up*

(I looked up the review later that day. The number of years worked and job title were completely different from my own. There were also another five scathing reviews, making six out of seven reviews one star.)

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