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Your Request Has No Teeth

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I took an art class as an elective in college. We could work on our paintings as long as we wanted, as long as we locked the door when we left. Let the record show that I was not an art major and was actually not that proficient, but I enjoyed it.

One evening, everyone had gone home and I was locking up. I was out in the hall when I was accosted by a student I had never seen before.

She was a dental hygiene student and was looking for someone to illustrate a report she was writing. I was literally the only person around, so she apparently meant me. She thought I could draw caricatures featuring teeth — like a canine tooth in the form of a dog and things of that nature.

Me: “The doors are locked and I’m going home. Plus, I’m a painter and I can’t draw. And I’m a very bad painter.”

Student: “But… I’ll pay you a dollar!”

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