Your Relationship Is Not A Train Wreck

| Romantic | September 26, 2016

(My ex-girlfriend works as a ticket inspector for the German railway company Deutsche Bahn. Usually we’re taking the same train when commuting to and back from work and she always wears her uniform because she can travel for free when in working clothes. This day she’s a bit late and only gets on the train shortly before departure. As she searches for me, the train starts moving and when she comes in people already start to fish out their tickets. To their surprise she ignores them and sits down and gives me a kiss, and I start telling her how hard my day was while she tries to cheer me up a bit. However, she gets off a station earlier than me. After she’s left I notice the strange looks I am getting. I start to realize how strange it must have looked when I cuddled with the ticket inspector and repeatedly said to her that I love her.)

Me: “What?! She came with [Expensive Rail-Card]… They’re having a promotion right now.”

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