Your Relationship Is A (Car)Wreck

| OR, USA | Romantic | May 18, 2017

(Almost a year into our relationship my fiancé was hit by a car. I was as close of a witness as you can be, since we were holding hands when it happened and the car that hit her also clipped me into a nearby ditch. Thankfully I didn’t have any major injuries, and after just a week in the hospital and a few months of healing she’s back to perfect health. Unfortunately, I developed severe PTSD because of the accident. Now I have terrible panic attacks whenever I witness or overhear car crashes. I also have a bad time on narrow roads after dark, since that was the situation when my fiancé was hit, and while they don’t make me panic they make me uneasy. The following happens around nine pm while headed home on a very windy, one-lane back road. My fiancé is driving.)

Me: “Please slow down. I don’t want something to happen.”

Fiancé: “Will you relax? Nothing is going to happen. We’re fine.”

Me: “I just don’t like dark roads with no sidewalks. You know that.”

Fiancé: “I know, but nothing bad has happened and nothing bad will happen.”

Me: “If you say so.”

(A little while longer we reach a part of the street that widens a bit with a few streetlights scattered here and there.)

Fiancé: “See? Nothing happened, and we’re totally—”

(At that moment the song we’re listening to plays the sound of tires screeching and glass breaking.)

Fiancé: “…well, that’s unfortunate.”

(Cue me having a panic attack in the passenger seat while my soon-to-be-wife attempted to keep me calm while also getting us home safely. With her helping me through it the attack didn’t last long, and remembering her reaction to the poor timing of the sound effect made me laugh in hindsight!)

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