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Your Policy Draws No Quarter With Him

, , , | Right | October 7, 2021

A guy starts coming in and he clearly loves our place. After he’s been in a few times and we’ve talked a bit, he tells me that he has a website where he writes about food and coffee and whatnot and that he wants to write a piece on us because we are so great. Awesome, I always love to hear stuff like that!

One time, I made him this beautiful drink, and five steps out the door, he dropped it. Of course, I made him a new one and didn’t charge him; that’s the kind of place we are.

We have this policy that if you want to use credit or debit and the order is under $5, there is a twenty-five-cent fee, in lieu of an actual minimum. I’ve been told that this isn’t particularly… legal, but I don’t know, whatever; it’s a quarter, and you get your coffee without having to buy a bunch more stuff.

One day, the guy comes in and orders a drink and uses credit. I mention this policy as I’m ringing him up.

Me: “Hey, so if the total is under five dollars and you’re going to charge it, we just add twenty-five cents. Is that all right?”

He looks at me aghast. Aghast! I rarely even get to truly use that word. So, I have that to thank him for, I guess.

Customer: *Firmly* “No.”

He abruptly turned on his heels and walked out the door. I never saw him again. I find it interesting that something so negligible could offend somebody so much as to completely cut something out of their life.