Your Pen(ding) Gifts

| Working | February 4, 2016

(I work for a team that provides news to several different newspapers all around the country. We use different online means to communicate daily, as we are all working in different cities, and video meetings is one way. The Greek debt crisis is in full swing when this happens.)

Boss: “…and so I have decided to send Coworker #1 to Greece tomorrow. I hope you know that this is nothing personal.”

Me: “Well, I think that we should do this the Greek way. She goes to Greece and I and [Coworker #2] get full mileage and daily benefits from the time that she is there. Otherwise we’ll go on strike.”

Boss: “I’ll send you a company pen. Will that be fine?”

Me: “As I have never ever received a letter addressed to me to work, that’ll be okay, but just this time.”

Coworker #2: “I want a company pen, too!”

Boss: “I’ll arrange that.”

(Two days later I get a letter that contains not one but two pens. There is no note attached.)

Me: “Oh, and thanks for the two pens, boss. I’m disappointed, however, that the company logo wasn’t included.”

Coworker #2: “Why did he get two? I want two too!”

Me: “My turn to arrange this. Just wait.”

Me: *emailing the posting department* ‘Hi! Could you send a pen with our logo to [Coworker #2]? The address is [address]. Thanks.”

(The following day Coworker #2 sent me a message thanking me for the pen.)

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