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Your Offer Has Been Shelved

, , , , | Right | December 27, 2021

I’m showing a couple around a house for sale. They make all the right noises, and it is well within their budget. Suddenly, the wife starts asking a lot of really specific questions.

Potential Buyer: “Are all the shelves included?”

Me: “Yes, all shelves are included.”

Potential Buyer: “I’m not sure I like them.”

Me: “I know that the homeowner did mention that could be easily removed and he stated that he still has some of the original paint.”

Potential Buyer: “Oh, I think we would repaint.”

Me: “Great, that would work well.”

Potential Buyer: “Do you think he would move the shelves?”

Me: “Move? As in, take them down and put them up somewhere else?”

Potential Buyer: “Yes, over there somewhere.”

Me: “That’s not a typical query, but you can ask, and maybe after contracts have been signed.”

Potential Buyer: *Aggressive* “No, no, no. I want to see if they look good before I make my offer.”

Me: “I can ask, but I doubt that would be possible.”

Potential Buyer: “Well, tell him that he does it or I won’t buy it. See how he likes that!”

Me: “Not a problem. I will do that later.”

I had a chat with the homeowner. I advised him not to do anything of the sort and instructed the office to take no more bookings for this house from that woman.

We agreed on an asking price offer a few days later with a different couple. The first woman was furious: “How dare we sell the house she was negotiating on!?”

I spoke to the new owners a few months after they moved in. All went to plan, and yes, they kept the shelves.

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