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Your Listening Skills Go Without Saying

, , , | Working | August 24, 2012

(I am buying a ferry ticket.)

Me: “One youth to Bainbridge, please.”

Cashier: “Where do you all need tickets to?”

Me: “Bainbridge Island. And it’s just the one youth ticket.”

Cashier: “Three adults to Bainbridge.”

Me: “No, just one, and it’s a youth ticket.”

Cashier: *glares at me* “Why didn’t you say that! One adult to Bainbridge.”

Me: “No, it’s a yout—”

Cashier: “Ma’am, I am trying very hard to help you you are making it very hard. Are you under 18?”

Me: “Yes.”

Cashier: “You should have said that! One youth ticket to Bainbridge.”

(I pay and take my ticket and turn to walk away.)

Me: *meekly* “Thank you.”

Cashier: “Don’t you patronize me!”

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