Your Lessons Are Redundant

, , , | Learning | August 23, 2016

(I work in an online English school and most of our students are Japanese. We do our best to make classes as fun as possible and there are students who do the same! Here is one of them. In a particular class, the student and I talk about some vocabulary words including the word “redundant.” We also mention examples of sentences with repeating words. Towards the end of the class…)

Me: “Do you remember the word ‘redundant’”?

Student: “Yes!”

Me: “What does it mean?”

Student: “Repeating.”

Me: “Very good! Don’t forget it, okay?”.

Student: “Okay!”

(Every after class, I send a “thank you” message to students and wish them a good day. Some of them reply and some don’t. For this class, the student replies.)

Me: “Thank you so much, [Student]! You did a great job! Have an awesome day!”

Student: “Thank you, you, you! I redundant you! Hahaha.”

(Very clever!)

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