Your Last (Tele)Port Of Call

| Right | November 22, 2016

(I have a call from a customer who has a defective phone. I work with her to get a replacement. She just has to send hers back and pick up the new one when this conversation happens…)

Me: “Okay, now that is all set. What is your physical address so I can find you the closest store.”

Customer: “I’m a truck driver. You can’t expect me to try to park my truck at one of your stores!”

Me: “No problem, ma’am. I’ll have it shipped to you.”

Customer: “Are you deaf or something? I’m a truck driver. You can’t mail me anything. It will get stolen while I’m on the road!”

Me: “Ma’am, how do you expect me to get you your phone that we just ordered if you refuse to go to a store but also refuse to let us ship it to you?”

Customer: “That’s your problem, not mine. Figure it out!” *click*

(Later when passing on the information to my boss, he said, clearly upset with me, “What? Why didn’t you tell her about our newly adopted teleportation delivery system? I’m very disappointed in you!” )

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